HOTEL TOLO, Argolida Greece - Buying local products during your holidays in Tolo

There are a number of useful products or gifts which are local to Tolo and the surrounding areas.

Olives and olive oil are synonymous with Greece and the quality found in this area is very high. For those wishing to travel abroad with olive oil please ask our advice for packaging at reception. Olive wood products are popular natural gifts for sale in Tolo and Nafplion with a variety of different utensils, kitchen equipment, children's toys and ornaments on offer.

In the last few years Nafplion has become a very popular "worry bead centre" with more shops than can be counted on two hands offering products made of semi-precious stones and many other materials.

Nafplion is also home to many other intersting shops, hand-made textiles are made from materials made on a loom on the premises in one, Greek hilopites (a type of pasta) from fresh ingredients in another and honey and associated products from local beekeepers in another.

Greece is also famous for Ouzo and liqueurs which can be purchased in Tolo or during a visit to a local Ouzo and liqueur producer and the wines of Nemea are available all over the area or during tastings that can be organised for groups.